Particle bottle production line

Particle bottle production line
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Process flow:

Bottle Unscrambler--empty bottle checker--granule automatic weighing filling machine--bottle cleaning--rotary capping machine--total heavy-duty inspection machine--aluminum foil sealing machine--labeling machine-- Electronic label assignment and identification workbench.



Applicable to all kinds of Chinese herbal medicines (including plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits), extracted and dried dip powder, direct powdered fine powder, etc., after total mixing, dry granulation, wet granulation The automatic formulation of the sieve granules (particles containing powder ≤ 13%), automatic weighing filling, capping, sealing and labeling. The equipment can realize the automatic operation and control functions of the whole process of bar code and RFID reading and writing and label detection after manual bottle preparation and automatic material handling, weighing, filling, capping, sealing and labeling.