Chinese herbal medicine flower packaging machine 929E

Chinese herbal medicine flower packaging machine 929E
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VPA-929E high dose grass packaging machine

It is suitable for packaging large-volume (500-1000g) packaging materials with easy-to-separate, easy-to-slip irregular materials and grasses, flower teas and other materials. The whole machine includes functions such as automatic feeding, weighing, overweight removal device, grass pressing device, flapping device and packaging mechanism. It is widely used in the whole intelligent packaging of roots and stems of Chinese medicine decoction pieces, grasses and flower teas, and truly realizes the solution of fully intelligent packaging.

Machine configuration:

14 head combination, vibrating cutting screen, packaging mechanism, bag forming machine, discharge conveyor belt, large dip angle hoist, iron shoulder removal, sediment function


Coder, static elimination device, bag making device, remote service platform, vacuuming device, nitrogen filling device, grass covering function