Marken thermal transfer intelligent coding machine

Marken thermal transfer intelligent coding machine
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Marken thermal transfer intelligent coding machine

Print features:

Automatic print head setting, dead point detection, intermittent and continuous printer, easy to switch between right and left hands, no additional parts, the average spacing of print information on the ribbon is only 05mm, automatic shift code and serial number, multiple variable user input areas, Supports alphanumeric text, ribbon save mode, radial ribbon save, interlaced print mode, one shot, multiple print mode, misaligned print mode.

Print parameters:

Full support for retYpe fonts, including non-Roman characters and symbols, print real-time time and date, automatic update expiration date, barcode; support ITF, Code128, EAN128, AN8, EAN13, UPCA, UPCE, linear RSS, PDF417, IDMatrix, QR and composite RSS Barcode.

Operation function:

User interface: Monochrome user interface or color LCD touch screen for selecting images, input variable data, diagnostics and system settings. Visually preview the printed image and WYSIWYG displays the remaining print ribbon (in hours and print times) for full diagnostics. An intuitive LED status indicator ribbon loading icon on the printer for quick and easy ribbon change.

Hardware interface:

Input: Perform printing, plus a configurable input interface to output faults, warnings, and a configurable output interface.

Software interface:

Download image, setup and data file ∪SB interface RS232, Ethernet communication standard computer, PLC, packaging machine and communication protocol Pc software for full remote control web server.

Other features:

Maximum length of ribbon: 1100 meters, minimum width of ribbon: 20mm, maximum width of ribbon: 55mm, weight: coder: 7.9kg, color controller: 4.8kg, monochrome controller: 4.4k

Technical Parameters:

Operation interface

TET SVGA800×400, full color LCD touch screen, WYSIWYG print preview, full online diagnostic system, three levels of password protection, extensive language support.

Print Head

32mm or 53mm wide, 300dpi (12dot/mm)

printing speed

40 intermittent: up to 600mm / s; continuous: 10-600mm / s

60 intermittent type: up to 700mm/s; continuous type: 10-1800mm/s

Print area

40 intermittent: 53mm or 32mmx75mm

40 continuous: 53mm or 32mmx100mm

60 intermittent type: 53 × 75mm

60 continuous type: 53 × 150mm (high speed), 53 × 100mm

Comprehensive diagnosis

Intuitive LED status indicator on the printer

Ribbon loading icon for quick and easy ribbon change

Ribbon saving function / continuous printing rated pitch

Radial/cross/intermittent stripe, print nominal pitch 0.5mm (0.02 inch)

Power requirement / operating temperature

Power supply 90-364V, automatic switching, power 150 volts

Air consumption: usually 0.47m per version

Operating temperature 2-40 ° C (35-104F) Humidity: 10% -90%, non-condensing.