Granule small packaging machine 906AD type

Granule small packaging machine 906AD type
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VPA-906AD formula granule automatic packaging machine

Granule automatic packaging machine is an intelligent automatic packaging machine independently developed and produced by our company. It has automatic start vacuum feeding, automatic quantification (servo motor adjustment measuring cup capacity), automatic bag making, filling, automatic vacuum collection, sealing and printing. , cutting and delivery of finished products. Siemens PLC program control, touch screen man-machine interface, six sets of servo system drive, photoelectric automatic detection and tracking, analog input module control temperature control system, frequency conversion and vacuum collection, etc., make the operation of the whole machine intelligent and simple. The pharmaceutical packaging industry improves production efficiency and packaging grade, and greatly reduces labor intensity. It is the preferred packaging equipment for pharmaceutical companies.

1. Quantitative servo (not only convenient, but also lays the foundation for future automatic network setting parameters (loading)

2. Optimize dust treatment through the practice of bottling lines,

And have an optional vacuum cleaner

3. Alternative traceability system

4. There are optional system options for the industrial computer, which is very convenient when using data (industrial 4.0 transformation)

5. Can be matched with the bag packaging system